Letter To Our Customers And Community

A Letter To Our Customers And Community:

For 35 years, our fellow citizens have bent over backwards to support Port Book and News and other businesses in Port Angeles. Because of the love of our community, small businesses on the Olympic Peninsula have weathered the impact of Amazon, economic downturns, and the arrival of multiple big box stores. Keeping local money in the local economy is what sustains and provides basic functions in a city and county, to include schools, hospitals, emergency services, and recreational and cultural opportunities. 

Now, a new threat appears to be rapidly developing: the COVID-19 virus. We recognize the need to take every precaution and preventative measure which health experts advise, but for the majority of our small city, working from home is not a viable option. We still need to live our various lives, performing our services to the community. 

We must confess, to continue to do this, Port Book and News needs your help at this time. Indeed, not just Port Book and News, but all of our fellow merchants, restaurants, cultural and arts institutions like the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts or the Symphony. Simply put, our businesses cannot survive if we do not make a conscious and concerted effort to support each other in every way we feel we comfortably and safely can. Our businesses, our employees, our tax base could be on the line. 

We recognize that there is reason for concern, and that many people may feel the need to limit their time spent out in the community, near others. It makes sense to want to protect yourself and your families. Even though Clallam County Health Department states that there are no confirmed and documented cases of the virus in our county at this time, the expectation is that cases will develop. We recommend taking a look at the CCHD website for more details. There, you will also find links for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and to the Washington State Department of Health. These links are included in our comments section below. 

With all of this in mind, our bookstore will be offering FREE HOME DELIVERY within Port Angeles city limits for purchases over $10. We should be able to make these deliveries after 4 pm Monday thru Fridays with an occasional exception. We encourage you to contact the store at (360) 452-6367 for more details. Calling into the bookstore will enable us to discuss your requests in better detail. We would hope to be able to expand this offering beyond the city limits, but we would need to consider time and economic constraints in each request. 

We have chosen to reach out with free home delivery as our way to provide help to those of you who are concerned about exposure. Edited to add: We also offer online purchasing through our store website or over the phone. We can ship anywhere in the country too! 

Call us if you need help, and please remember, especially at times like these, all businesses on the Peninsula need your support, as do your neighbors. The scale of this threat goes beyond trips to Costco and Walmart for toilet paper, bleach, and quarantine supplies. Consider too, contacting local nonprofits who work to aid the least fortunate in our community. Organizations like the Food Bank will need extra support as this progresses. 

If all else fails, remember this, with books on the shelf, if you run out of toilet paper, at least you'll have options! 

-Alan and Cindy






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