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Start: 7:00 pm
AARON ELKINS new book Dying on the Vine will be published on December 4th. On Friday, December 7th Aaron will be at the Carver Room for another great reading and signing, the only planned event for this book.  This, the 18th Gideon Oliver novel, takes the man known throughout the world of forensic science as the Skeleton Detective to Tuscany, where he looks into the apparent murder-suicide of a strong-willed patriarch of a famous wine-making family, and his wife. After examining the remains, Gideon concludes that it's an unusual double homicide instead. The family and its confidantes had motive and opportunity. Soon Gideon finds himself in a morass of family antipathies, conflicts, and mistrust, to say nothing of the local carabinieri's resentment. And when yet another relation meets an unlikely end, it becomes bone-chillingly clear that the killer is far from finished... 

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